Men's Bible Studies

Men making God's Word a top priority.

God's Word is vital to every Christian's life. At FBC, we want to give our men every opportunity to grow as men, husbands, and father's by studying God's Word together. We are currently offering several chances for you to do that.

Grace Powered Living, a 52-week study in the Book of Romans - Mondays @ 7:00 pm

The Book of Romans explains the foundation of our Christian faith more than any other book in the New Testament. Next to Jesus, the Apostle Paul is the single most important figure in the New Testament, and his letter to the church at Rome is the most important of the 13 letters that he penned. The early Christian church considered Paul's letter to be of primary importance, and most of the reformations and revivals in church history were sparked by a study in Romans.

The Perfect Ending, a year-long study in the Book of Revelation - Tuesdays @ 7:00 pm

The Book of Revelation is easily the most fascinating book in the Bible, for it gives a detailed description of the future. Everyone is interested in what is going to happen to them and their loved ones after death, what will happen to the people of the earth, and what the future holds for this planet. Revelation not only answers all of those questions, but also gives them in great detail. Revelation answers questions unknowable from any other source. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Invincible: Conquering the Mountains That Separate You from the Blessed Life - Wednesdays @ 7:00 pm

As we walk through this life, the way will not always be easy and well-marked. In fact, we can expect lots of ups and downs and setbacks along the way. Sometimes we'll find ourselves face-to-face with a mountain that threatens to stop us in our tracks. We know that Jesus tells us we can move these mountains--but how? 

In Invincible, Dr. Robert Jeffress helps us identify and defeat the mountains that threaten to keep us from experiencing a blessed life. Offering biblical insight and practical tools, Dr. Jeffress shows us how to conquer the mountains of

- doubt

- guilt

- anxiety

- discouragement

- fear

- bitterness

Such obstacles can seem insurmountable. Yet we know that with God we are invincible. When we put our faith in God and rely on his power, praying according to his will, he will enable us to move the mountains in our lives.

All of our studies meet in the Chapel. We hope you'll plan to be part of these exciting studies! If you would like more information, please fill out the form below.