Texts from GOD

What would God say to you?

Texts, email, instant messaging. The way kids communicate has changed significantly from past generations. But the message that God would communicate to them remains the same: He loves them and sent His son Jesus to die for their sins.

Our new study for Kids Konnection on Sunday evenings is "texts from GOD: What Would God Say To You?" Each lesson in this series will focus on texts kid might receive from God if He was on their contacts list. In this study, kids will know that God is reaching out to us, and He wants us to reach out to Him.

"Texts from GOD" is at 5:00 pm and will run January 23 - March 20 with February 13 off (Super Bowl Sunday) and will be for kids in Kindergarten - 4th grade. Preschoolers will be doing a separate, age-appropriate study.

We hope your kids will join us for this fun look at communicating with God.