Children's Christmas 2023

Search for the Wiseman's Gold: A Christmas Escape Room

On Sunday, December 17, join with your elementary-aged children in the hunt for the Wiseman’s gold. There will be puzzles to solve, riddles to figure out, teamwork to be used, and of course gold!

An Escape Room is an adventure game where a group solves a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, strategy, and hints. Players have a set time limit to find the item in question. If they fail to locate the missing item within the time limit, they lose. In this case, the wiseman’s gold was almost stolen by bandits and the players must work together to figure out where the gold has been hidden before time runs out.

This escape room is meant to be enjoyed by children in Kindergarten - 5th grade and their parents. Each group will have 30 minutes to complete their mission with one group beginning at 5:00 pm and the second beginning at 5:45 pm.

To register your family up for a time slot, click here.